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Onsite Installation & Support

Need help to install your new computer or wireless network? We can install and support all your IT equipments with neccessary applications and prote ...

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Server & Desktop Support

We install, support and manage servers, workstations, and configure the entire network and get your IT operational. We support all the ...

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Have you backed up your data?

Our Secure Data Backup service is a remotely monitored online backup solution that takes the hassle out of backups. Most people don’t know if t ...

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Remote IT Assistance

Through our remote support, we can quickly resolve small issues or provide instant support in situations where onsite visit is not possible. We can ac ...

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Server Support & Maintenance

Reliable server and network operation is critical to business. Our experienced engineers can provide server maintenance to keep the servers updated an ...

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IT Maintenance

IT assistance can provide regular maintenance to your IT environment to keep your servers, desktops and network updated and always working efficiently to provide the network services to the users.

Server Maintenance

Every computer network has servers serving the entire network. With a troublesome server it is hard to keep the business running properly.  Our experienced engineers can provide server maintenance to keep the servers updated and always working to serve the users.

Network Maintenance

We can provide a regular maintenance plan to keep your network operate smoothly and minimise the network downtime thereby help improve efficiency of the business at all times.

Desktop Maintenance

Let us help you have a trouble free computer desktops at all times. We offer the best computer system plans to support your  business.

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